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Jonian Ilias Kadesha, Artistic Director

(Photo by Kaupo Kikkas)


The Clock Tower, Tirana

(Photo: Marsel Hansallari)

 A NOTE about the first edition from our  ARTISTIC DIRECTOR

Dear music lovers of Tirana and beyond,


Welcome to the first edition of the KOSMOS Tirana Music Festival!


It was an early dream for me to start this festival and I am truly thrilled that we are commencing our journey this November 2022, the year where Tirana is chosen as the Youth Capital of Europe. I am very grateful to the Municipality of Tirana and personally to its mayor Mr. Erion Veliaj for his support.


A big thank you goes to the University of Arts and all the teachers and students who embraced this festival and welcomed it to their home. I also thank all the other sponsors from the bottom of my heart for their willingness and support from the very beginning.

But I would like to dedicate the greatest thanks and gratitude to you, dear audience and music lovers who shall honour us with your participation!


The festival, as you have noticed, is called KOSMOS, a word originating from ancient Greek but borrowed to so many other languages ​​that it precisely embodies its essential meaning: our big world where we live, the infinite space in all directions that surrounds us. Everything is connected with the Cosmos: science, economy, politics, art, but I believe that it is music that has its true nest in this concept. Music knows no small, big, visible, invisible borders, it finds its way to the soul of every human inhabitant of this world… it is the divine language of the Cosmos!!


‘’Life without music would be a mistake!’’ said the …great Nietzsche, and he was right! In this festival we will do something simple but divine...MUSIC!


I am very grateful to the 11 artists who accepted my invitation to join this initiative with pleasure and enthusiasm. In fact I would like to call it instead a big family!

I have very beautiful and warm memories from my childhood on the stages of Tirana.  I always felt with the audience as if I were in a big family and I dreamed of experiencing these feelings together with other artists, friends of mine… that's why I would like to I called the big KOSMOS family!!

Let the journey begin! Enjoy the ride!


Sincerely yours,


Jonian Ilias Kadesha

Artistic Director of KOSMOS Tirana Music Festival


The festival is sponsored by the Municipality of Tirana.

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